Loud + Clear - Honey Mango Cartridge - 1g
Honey Mango
Loud + Clear
High-Potency Cartridges
Available sizes: 1 g

Honey Mango | Hybrid | High Potency | No Distillate | Rich, Honey, Ripe, Summery, Juicy

Savor the rich, honeyed sweetness of Honey Mango. Imagine the velvety texture of ripe mangoes, sun-kissed and bursting with summer flavors. This vape brings a smooth, luxurious mango experience, drizzled with a touch of golden honey.

Loud+Clear Diamond Vapes are made from fresh frozen cannabis diamonds, bursting with the juiciest flavors and delivering the biggest rips. No Distillate. Crafted, quality oil that brings the high and won't break the bank.